parque natural albufera des grau

Parque natural S ´Albufera des Grau


Hace apenas algo más de un año, los profesionales del sector turístico, uno de los más importantes del mundo, nos reuníamos en FITUR, en Madrid, cargados de propuestas, citas y planes para los meses venideros. Nada hacía presagiar entonces la pandemia mundial que nos asolaría y nos robaría tantas cosas en tan poco tiempo. ¡Hemos perdido tanto, a nivel personal y profesional! Por supuesto, lo primero las vidas, la salud, el trabajo, los planes de futuro... pero también, pequeños gestos y rutinas de nuestra vida diaria, que si algo hemos aprendido de todo esto, eran las bases de nuestra felicidad: abrazar a nuestros seres queridos, ver la sonrisa de la gente, salir a callejear y tomar un aperitivo con nuestros amigos despreocupadamente… y viajar. Viajar para conocer otros pueblos, otras gentes, para conocerse, para reencontrarse con uno mismo. Es hora de volveral sol, al campo, al mar, a la naturaleza.

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hat & horses Sant Roc Menorca


The most authentic Menorca


The staff of the magazine of Classic Boats Sea Fever has been visiting Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa and has dedicated us a report of the most top. Rooms that will take go back in time and enjoy the elegance of the past with the most modern comforts.



premio Boutique Hotel Sant Roc Menorca

Boutique Hotel Sant Roc recibe el premio Hotels & Tourism


Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa ha sido galardonado con el Premio Hotels & Tourism, otorgado por CaixaBank, en la categoría de mejor reposicionamiento o reforma del establecimiento.

Entre los hoteles seleccionados en las Islas Baleares, Boutique Hotel Sant Roc ha destacado dentro de la subcategoría de establecimientos con cincuenta habitaciones o menos por la originalidad del reposicionamiento, la reforma, el diseño innovador y el impacto en el destino.

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Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa: energy rating Class A

The building is designed to obtain a Class A energy rating, which is the best that can be obtained for a building, which means that it produces CO2 emissions below 5% of what a building with the lowest energy rating would produce, which is the G. To achieve this type of qualification an energy system has been developed, which has taken into account different techniques.

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Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa en los medios

To get to know us a little better, don't miss the reports they did for our first anniversary!

El Económico

Diario de Menorca

hotel boutique sant roc

The Holidays Kingdom blog recommends the Cycling Friendly experience at Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa.

Menorca as a cycling destination is becoming more and more fashionable. Our island is an ideal place to pedal around. Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa is a Cycling Friendly Hotel where you will find everything you need to stay with your bike.

The blog Holidays Kingdom has published an article that gives you several tips for exploring Menorca by bicycle, including staying at Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa.

Post blog Holidays Kingdom:

CAMI DE CAVALLS Boutique Hotel & Spa Sant Roc Menorca


MENORCA BY BIKE. Walk by the “Camí de cavalls”


Is without a doubt one of the great attractions of Menorca in winter, it's an ideal way to explore the island at your own pace through a historic trail that was used to defend the coast. It has a length of 185 km and is divided into 20 stages that run by beautiful beaches, internal areas of pasture, crops, forests, as well as sections such as Mahon and Ciutadella. To do this you can choose three different modalities: Hiking, Trail Running and BTT (Mountain Bike). Our recommendation to begin:

These are a few sections easy to perform, of which several natural viewpoints look out from where you can contemplate the beauty of the island.

navegar Boutique Hotel & Spa Sant Roc Menorca




Visit Menorca in autumn... why not?

It is famous for its stunning calas and beaches in summer, but fall is still a better option. If you're a fan of hiking and cycling, Menorca is your island.

The Camí de Cavalls is becoming fashionable, is a path that surrounds the coast of the island and is certified as a hiking route to explore on foot, by bike or on horseback. It is believed that this road was created in the 14th century and that through these roads the various watchtowers were joined.

One of the main attractions of the Mediterranean island are the seven lighthouses that are still in operation, from the oldest of Cavalleria, until the most recent Favaritx. In addition Menorca offers a rich cultural variety where you can see: castles, fortifications, artillery towers, watchtowers, military batteries... All this thanks to its diverse past and its strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea.

Now, if we speak of cultural history we must speak of prehistoric settlements and sites that are located throughout the island where you can find monuments of grandeur as the taulas, talayots and the navetas.

We cannot ignore the two most important cities of the island, Mahón and Ciutadella. In Mahon, the capital, there are still vestiges of the two British conquests and it has the second

navegar Boutique Hotel Spa Sant Roc Menorca




As Cycling-friendly website says "cycling is one of the fastest growing sectors in the national tourism industry"

Hotels joining the cycling - friendly club reach Menorca to settle. And you may wonder: whay would mean that Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA is a Hotel cycling - friendly? Well, it is a term to categorize those hotels that have preferential treatment to users of bicycles.

Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA becomes part of one of the establishments in all Menorca which has the certificate of quality that guides cyclist lovers around the island and have the facilities to help make their life easier with a bike.

In our Hotel we have a garage where to park the bikes and make them ready for filming (pump tools, exclusive parking...) as well as various routes which cover the territory starting from Boutique Hotel San Roc & SPA.

And after a long day of pedaling... There is no better option than a SPA to chill and relax.



Les invitamos a ver un poquito más de Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA. ¡Gracias @BonninSansoMenorca por el fantástico video!

mercado Boutique Hotel & Spa Sant Roc Menorca




Summer comes Menorca and the streets of the city are flooded with music and good vibes. Itinerant markets concentrate all the eyes of tourists, where you can find typical products of the island to handmade jewelry.

Each and every one of the Minorcan towns have their special day where to find these charming markets. Mahon for example, gives life to the streets from June until the end of August with the “Mercat de nit de Maó” every Tuesday, which is situated in the historic and commercial center of Mahón, a few meters from the Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA. Tuesday also coincides with “Nit de música al carrer” (21 h to 23.30 h) where you can hear different groups and musical styles throughout the historical center.

A different experience, where while strolling, you can enjoy a different and the livelier Mahon vision. Another option is to book a table in front of a concert and enjoy the evening, having a wine or dinner while feeling the good atmosphere.

All this and more awaits for you at few meters from the Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA, where we will be happy helping you and give you the best tips to enjoy evenings of music and markets.

Sant Roc Menorca




Since we opened our doors, our intention has always been the Coddling to the client so that you feel at home. Most of our guests want to escape from the routine of everyday life and that is why they choose our beautiful island of calm.

There is no better way to relax than to enjoy the most of the experience, Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa offers all our guests’ free entrance to our SPA, always prior booking, where you can make use of our facilities.

As a point solution to stress, as a gift and also improve muscle pain. Go to a SPA leaves more relieved and relaxed the muscles. At Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA you can enjoy our Jacuzzis, Hammam, sauna and cold showers for the reactivation of the circulation and feel like new.

If after all this you still note that fatigue in you, you can book our treatments and massages. An example of this is our most demanded massages, the Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage: an ancient therapy used in the India to rejuvenate the body, improve circulation, combat pain, muscle tension, anxiety stress s, fatigue and insomnia. Providing energy and vitality.

Don't miss this opportunity to give you a whim and ask for our SPA and treatments, we will be glad to help you.

Sant Roc Menorca




Empezaron construyendo llüts hace cuarenta años, seguramente una de las embarcaciones más inspiradoras del Mediterráneo, el Menorquín.

Ahora la familia Sastre atraca en pleno centro histórico de Mahón con un proyecto nuevo, un hotel boutique situado en dos emblemáticas casas señoriales de finales del siglo XVIII, exquisitamente reformadas. Veintidós modernas y elegantes habitaciones para disfrutar de unas vacaciones de relax y confort en Menorca. Como si nos embarcáramos en unos de los llaüts que el grupo Sasga construye en sus astilleros, la propuesta con la que el Boutique Hotel Sant Roc nos quiere seducir incluye, además, un fantástico spa de aquaterapia con sauna, dos jacuzzis, ducha fria y baño turco envuelto de exclusivos aromas de alta gama londinense Molton Brown.

Pero también el privilegio de estar a dos pasos del teatro de ópera más antiguo de nuestro país, el Teatro Principal...

Sin duda poder alojarse en el Boutique Hotel Sant Roc permite acceder a un trato personal y exclusivo de la mano de un equipo profesional y exclusivo con su Directora Cristina Grandío al frente, en el que se quieren cuidar todos los detalles como por ejemplo, los desayunos slow food confeccionados a base de productos de kilómetro cero cuidadosamente seleccionados y servidos, en uno de los rincones con más personalidad del hotel, un sótano abovedado que conserva la arquitectura de la época medieval de finales del siglo XVII.

Y es que no se han escatimado detalles en la reforma de este nuevo establecimiento, inaugurado hace pocos meses para poder ofrecer una estancia con la que disfrutar de los sentidos. Vale la pena la visita incluso para contemplar el diseño constructivo que ha llevado a cabo el prestigioso despacho Faedo Arquitectura, autor de trabajos emblemáticos en nuestra isla como la Casa de la Sombra del Viento, en el puerto de Mahón. ¿Dónde se alojarán la próxima vez que vengan a Mahón?

Sant Roc Menorca




Menorca not only attracts tourists by its crystal clear waters and white sands. This small Mediterranean island, is one of the richest historically speaking.

Menorca, who was named by the Romans, was for more than seventy years under the British domination and seven years under the French Crown, until it was finally returned to Spain in 1802.

The remains of these dominations can be seen in every corner of the island. Thanks to our prestigious location, not far from the Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA you can find “The Old Market Square”, the current Plaza Colón, enhanced by orders of the Governor Richard Kane. The Governor drove significant improvements for the benefit of the economy of the island. Among the fruits and vegetables offered by the market, we could buy “pomes d' Kane” a variety of apples introduced by order of the Governor, that are still sold in our shops.

If we keep wandering the streets around the hotel, we have several lookouts from where you can see Sant Antoni (The Golden Farm), which frames the so-called English colonial architecture or “L’Illa del rei”, known as “Bloody Island” named after having hosted a hospital under the control of the English Crown.

We believe that visit these locations on foot is one of the advantages offered by the accommodation in the Centre of the city, and that is why we encourage our guests to visit our surroundings.





With these breakfasts we want to establish a commitment with our guests and the area where the hotel is located to generate a link beyond the pure nutrition. With these breakfasts we try that our customers begin the day living the ultimate experience through the palate and feeling like a local. For this reason, we serve fresh or artisanal products of top quality that come from the island itself.

With this action, we aim to help local economic development through sustainable consumption, and in turn connecting visitors with the authentic Minorcan flavours.

Guests staying at Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA will enjoy our exquisite traditional cold meats and cheeses like: Mahon cheese, “sobrasada”, “carn i xua”, “butifarro”... And of coruse a variety of handmade pastries made every morning such as: “crespells”, “caña de sobrasada”, “rubiols” of tuna or vegetables...

If you are on vacation or just passing by, breakfast at Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA is the ideal way to start a day with energy.

hat & horses Sant Roc Menorca




Menorca has a lot to offer now that spring is coming. The month of May is loaded with big surprises. Menorca is inspired by Ascot to host the HAT & HORSES event on May 12.

"HAT & HORSES MENORCA" is the event that unites horse races, the menorcan cuisine and elegance. Can you imagine a better place to spend a sunny May than in Menorca? The unique atmosphere will be a hallmark of this day: the best looks for men and women, with stylish hats that will be awarded at the end of the day.

You cannot miss the floral environment with which the city of Mahon will be ornamented the 18, 19 and 20 May. If you walk around the city centre many of its doors are open and invite the curious visitors to admire the floral decorations that adorn the city. The Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & Spa does not want to miss this event and also will decorate its facades in the most pure floral style.

If you are passionate about the theatre you should know that Mahon has the oldest theater in Spain which is located a few meters from the Boutique Hotel Sant Roc & SPA. This month of May you can enjoy the Rigoletto opera directed by Matteo Beltrami and accompanied by the unique composition of the master Guiseppe Verdi, played by the hands of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Balearic Islands.


Coming soon



The hotel, 50 mts. from the Santa Maria Square and the Town hall of Mahón, just in the heart of the city and the old town, has been built to be able to live, feel and enjoy all what Menorca can offer.

It is settled in the best area of cafes ,shops and restaurants of the city and captures its name from the Pont de Sant Roc, the only vestige that remains of the wall that leaded to the city in the 14th century, just a few steps from the hotel. Located in a privileged situation, near the Town hall of Mahón , the capital of Minorca, and the Church of Santa Maria, depositary of a majestic organ considered unique by its excellent sonority and mechanical construction.

The beginning of September, the annual colourful Festival take place in this square and it is internationally known to honour the Mare de Deu de Gracia, the patron saint of Mahón . The Barroque Pura Raza Menorquina black horse is the true protagonist of this celebration, along with the “Cavallers” , gracefully dressed up in tailcoats and the peculiar “Gindola” – the hat.

In addition, in the hotel surroundings, the most ancient Opera Theater of Spain offers exciting Theater and Opera performances regularly.

Another nearby leisure zone is the “Mercat d’es Peix” with its magnificent fish market stands and bars, where you can taste the local products, the reputable local wine , select cheese with Denomination of Origin of Mahón, and even the local menorcan beer.

Closely, Mahón harbor, one of largest natural port in the world, provides a wide gastronomy range of restaurants, nautical sport and leisure activities. This harbor plays an important role in the local tourist industry, welcoming tourists arriving via cruise ships or in the regular traffic. Also, the sea lovers have the chance to rent a mooring for the recreational boats in summer time, to book an excursion among all that are scheduled or those who want a genuine experience, to reserve a “ Menorquin” to visit the picturesque corners of this amazing place.